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The world and our species is in a dire situation and at a crossroads. The oceans and lands are filled with plastic waste that is leeching harmful chemicals into the environment, the eco-systems and the food chain. The people are sick and continue to get sicker, eating poor diets heavy in processed foods, meat and dairy, not to mention consuming high levels of poison that is coming not only from plastics but from chemicals sprayed on the vegetables we eat and the vegetables the animals eat.

Chemical weed-killer use is rampant in modern-day farming and leaks into rivers and evaporates into the air, eventually becoming rain. This is leading to more and more people getting sick; cancer and the misnomer doctors have labelled ‘auto-immune disease’ are fast becoming the norm.

Children are sick and autism rates are on the rise, which is linked to the heavy use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides in modern-day farming. In 1975, one in 5,000 children were sick with autism in the United States. Today one in 40 are autistic. By 2035 these figures are expected to reach one in three children, which would be catastrophic.

Never before has there been such an over-abundance yet such a disconnect and disregard for the food we consume. We waste roughly one third of the food produced for human consumption, which is about 1.3 billion tonnes. And at the same time children are dying of starvation or are suffering from malnutrition – 17 million children under 5 years of age were affected by wasting in its severe form in 2018 alone. 

The top 10 causes of death in affluent or high-income countries include heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and lower respiratory infections. Over the next 25 years, the number of people with diabetes in developing countries will increase by over 150% as more and more people adapt to a more Western diet. And we mustn’t forget that depression has become a global epidemic as well, with over 300 million people suffering globally, due to pressures from a fast-paced, unforgiving modern-day lifestyle.

Because of this and the convenience this lifestyle brings, we have lost our ability to connect with Mother Nature. The average man no longer understands the lunar cycle as our ancestors did; the majority of us no longer grow and harvest our own food, understanding the seasons as our ancestors did; we no longer live surrounded by, listening to, respecting and taking the advice of the spirits in nature as our ancestors did. If we do not change, we are on the path towards a total demise of the human species, not to mention countless other species of flora and fauna, which according to experts could happen as soon as in the next 50-70 years.

We are disconnected from our food and marching further and further away from connection with Gaia. Food is the cure to all our problems: from disease to the total destruction of our environment, and will lead to our awakening as a species towards a conscious and sustainable way of living – one that is less stressful and more of service. But the majority of the world’s population still lives in the shadows.

So what can be done? As an seasoned journalist, I can use my skills to reveal information and tips from experts that can help motivate people – from all levels of understanding ­– towards living a healthy lifestyle that supports and protects our health and the wellbeing of Mother Earth. My mission for Feed Body Spirit is to change how people eat, how they look at food, how they feed their children, and how they nourish and heal their souls.

So, with the right information readily available to members of the public, at this pivotal crossroads we can choose to be enlightened; we can change the food we eat and change our behaviours towards living in harmony with nature and in harmony with our true highest selves. This is the path to true global change.   

Angela is a journalist and environmental activist, who is passionate about plant-based food and its properties to heal. Her spiritual journey blossomed after a divine reiki healing session and she has never looked back. She practices meditation, shamanic journeying, and yoga on a daily basis.

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